shop antiquate

The Idea

In today's world, it seems that you find a lot of over-priced merchandise with no justification. I wanted to make a stylish yet affordable jewelry line that could be worn everyday. Something that would make you feel good about yourself while staying to a reasonable budget. The different colors each represent a mood or feeling that can be translated and interpreted by the person wearing it.

Style & Quality

I have spent more than a decade working in the fashion industry from modeling to merchandising to design, which gives me a thorough understanding of style and quality. A lot of thought went into the styling of each piece, and I only sell products that I believe to be worthy of holding the ShopAntiquate name. All of my materials are sourced from various locations to ensure the quality and design meet my standards.

100% Handmade

Everything is 100% handmade by me with love and care in my Brooklyn studio. I deeply value the commitment to each piece, and that is why I take back any merchandise that you are not completely happy with, and can fix any damaged items. Since everything is made by hand, no two pieces are identical, and you will truly have a unique piece of jewelry.